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Ms. Sueyi Tam, one of the most active and well recognized Teddybear Artist in Hong Kong. Since 2000, Sueyi has been creating her charming animals under the Sueyi's Bear label. Her creations are well-known throughout the world for their fine workmanship and sweet expressions. She combines these uncommon designs with 10 years of experience in the leading innovative use of the finest imported materials from around the world.

After many hours of inspired hand sculpting a sweet innocently expressive animal is revealed which strikes a cord of warmth speaks to your heart and consistently fulfills the rare promise of being a fine collectible today and for many years to come. Sueyi invited to design displays at miniature set "Happy Together" in Puppenhaus Museum in Basel, Switzerland. Her works can also be found on permanent display at the Puppenhause Museum in Basel, Switzerland. 

Sueyi's designs have been recognized by winning international Teddybear competitions. she has got 2 latest champions at Goldener George 2011 in Germany and Korea and also won the Goldener George award in 2006, who it the only Hong Kong artist winning this award twice.  She has also won the teddybear competition in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Korea and Taiwan.  Her bears have also received nominations in most of the well known competitions all over the world. She exhibits frequently in Teddybear shows, I have been a regular members for exhibitions in Germany, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. 

Please visit my fabulous collection of teddybears and animals, which are made with love, fun, care and patience. All of them are made with 100% Shulte mohair and they are one-of-a-kind, unique, originality, creative and limited quantity.  As a teddybear artist, Sueyi presents her bears to you with all her blessings. You will note that they are not toys alive but hard work and token of joy and creation. She is keen to share her experience about teddy bears with all of her friends and all teddybear lovers.  She can be contacted at


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