Greeting from Sueyi's Bear

Easter comes finally, chocolates, bunny and flowers bloom, birds returning from the south, bees are buzzing all about, leaves are budding everywhere. Happy Easter Holiday!!


Good News!!!

Easter 2012 

Lavender & Marshmallow

Lavender and Marshmallow is celebrating Easter 2012. They are a one of a kind teddy girl and bunny.

Lady Natasha (Adopted)

My new antique style bear, Lady Natasha, one of a kind teddy girl would like to introduce to all of you. She made with hand-dyed peach color and special cutting of mohair. 












New start on 2012.  There are two good news and would like to share to all of you. One of my bear got a nomination in one of a world leading teddy bear competition last month. On the other hand, as mentioned, my Lawyer informed that all evidence and documents already submitted to the Intellectual Property Rights Department of HKSAR government. They are now verify all supporting documents and noticed us that they will take action early next week.  I am so glad that the "Justice" is back although it takes too long. Can't wait. 

2012 is my 10th year anniversary for Sueyi's Bear. My first 10th year anniversary album is launched.  If you want to order, please email to

Lucas (Adopted)

My open-mouth teddy boy.  













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